Columbus Short calls Tom Joyner a N*gga during an interview

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Columbus Short, one of the stars of the hit TV show, “Scandal,” is having a very hard time right now.   You have to wonder if he’s losing his mind with all the stress.   He has been accused of domestic violence by his third wife Tanee McCall, who says that Short pulled a knife out on her and threatened to kill her and himself.

Now, McCall has a restraining order against Short, and it’s slowly being revealed that the lady’s man that everyone loves from Scandal might not be mentally stable.  At least, the stress might be getting to him and his career could be coming to an end.

This interview with the Tom Joyner Morning Show might be just the situation that ruins him for good.  Short’s character on the show, Harrison Wright, was shot during the season finale, leaving his fate in the air. But even beyond that, Short might have ended up shooting himself in the foot.

If you listen to the interview, you can see that poor Columbus is clearly stressed.  If he doesn’t get it together, this could be a bad ending for him all the way around.

Listen here to hear it for yourself.