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Angry Mother Pushes her way into a middle school to confront daughter’s bully

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An Ohio mom is in big trouble after taking a situation into her own hands.   School officials are investigating a situation in which a woman allegedly came into the Groveport Madison Middle School and assaulted a student who was bullying her daughter.

Police say that the irate mother was able to go after the student because the school’s building is old and made it easy for the woman to get in.

District spokeswoman Dee Copas said that there were safety concerns even before the incident took place. 

Irea Nall was kept out of the school initially when she was unable to produce identification.  But she was able to come back into the building as a visitor was leaving and let her in by accident.   That’s when the woman pushed down one of the school’s administrators and forced her way into the cafeteria. 

According to police, the angry woman jumped on the table and kicked food at the girl who’d been bullying her daughter.  But the problem was that she hit the wrong student.   She also injured a school administrator.

The woman eventually left the school with her daughters and officials say that her daughter wasn’t being bullied at all.  But the mother does face charges of assault, inciting panic and aggravated trespassing.

Principal Darren Fillman wrote a letter to worried parents explaining the chaos.  He says that the incident has reminded the school to review their safety standards and procedures.