After student’s deαth, a Grambling mom says, “They neglected my child too”

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The tragic story about Alexandria Shelton, the Grambling University senior whose body was found in a park near campus, was a shock and nightmare to any parent of children who are or will be college age in the near future.  Shelton was an honor student set to graduate in just a few weeks, but won’t be alive to enjoy the rewards of her hard work.

After we published the story, Patricia Everson, the mother of a former Grambling student, sent Naturally Moi an email to talk about her experience dealing with Grambling administrators.  She says that when her son attended Grambling, he was in the hospital and she was not properly notified of his status.

Here is some of what she said below:

This is in response to the article regarding the GSU student. I felt a need to share this with you. As a parent of a former Grambling State student, I personally know from experience that Grambling administrators do not always inform parents of dangers. My son was attacked (by persons unknown to him) on the campus of GSU, and transported to the hospital by ambulance… but when I spoke with GSU’s President Frank G. Pogue’s office, I was told that they didn’t have any knowledge of the incident 6 months later… they had never received any reports of it.

My son was transported to a hospital in a neighboring community. He was there overnight… treated and released. Not one staff member from the school bothered to go over to the hospital to check on him… It was if he didn’t matter… and the incident never occurred. The interesting part was that it was the GSU campus police that reported the incident and called for the ambulance that transported my son to the hospital.

I received a call from one of my son’s friends… informing me of the incident and that my son had been taken to the hospital. I called the hospital and then to the campus police department to inquire about the incident. I was told that my son was okay and a trip down there to the school was unwarranted.

When I arrived on the campus of GSU, the following evening, and saw my son for the first time proceeding his release from the hospital; it was the most horrific sight a mother could imagine. I went over to the GSU campus police department to speak with the officer who called and at the time I was told that an investigation was open, the matter had been reported and opened in the school’s Judicial Affairs Office and a full report would be forwarded upon closing the investigation.

Prior to leaving Grambling to return home, I stopped by Judicial Affairs to speak with the Judicial Officer who was conveniently off for the duration of my visit and for several follow-up phone calls that I made to speak with her in regards to the incident. Approximately one year later, I finally had an opportunity to speak with her. I found it interesting that she did not want to talk to me at all… she informed me that my son was legally grown… as if I was unaware.

The entire time I sat in her office with my son, she ignore me… and directed the conversation to my son, in an effort to manipulate his responses (in my presence). When I inquired about the incident, she appeared to be evasive and gladly informed us that the other students involved (the accused attackers) were no longer students. The administrators covered up the incident and allowed one if not both attackers (one being a GSU football player) to remain in school and graduate, while my son returned home. Therefore, I pray for the parents and family of this young lady.

I pray that they do not give up until they find the answers they are seeking. That school campus is managed like a secluded ghetto and the administrators are not above unethical tactics to escape responsibility for the violence and criminal activities occurring on it (i.e: during one of my visits, I wasn’t on campus 20 minutes before I heard over the police scanner that a female student had overdosed in one of the dorms and was being transported to the hospital; on another visit students we were sitting in the Waffle House talking about a gangrape of a female student that had occurred a few days before.)

So, what do you think?  Any Grambling alumni are welcome to chime in on this one.  Could there be a systematic problem here or is this just an isolated incident?