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Actor Idris Elba gives birth to a new son

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Idris Elba isn’t married, but he certainly has a lot of options for making babies.  The actor just announced that his compannion gave birth to a new son.  His son’s name is Winston and he’s surely going to be as handsome as his father.   Elba made the announcement on Twitter, and he’s as happy as a father can be.  The announcement was made on Friday morning, and he’s looking forward to his new life with his child.

“My Son Winston Elba was born yesterday..Truly Amazing :-),” Elba tweeted.  He also sent out an amazing picture of the baby holding his finger.  The mother of the child is his girlfriend, Naiyana Garth.  Elba has another child, an 11-year old daughter, with his ex-wife. 

Good luck to Idris, Naiyana and Winston.  We hope they have a wonderful future together.