44-Year-Old Mimi Was Abandoned by Her Mom as a Child, Is This Why She’s Lost?

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Yolanda Spivey lists five facts about Mimi Faust regarding her childhood her 1 million dollar fortune and being a motherless child. www.naturallymoi.com



Mimi Faust is making headlines with her newly released adult film flick.  The VH1 “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” star is now at the brunt of everyone’s jokes and criticism.  Born on January 1, 1970, Mimi’s life has been full of drama that may be the driving force behind her poor decision to release an adult film.

Here are five things about the mother of a three-year-old daughter that may interest you:

Her name– Mimi was born Oluremi Fela James and legally changed her name to Mimi Faust in 1996.

She’s a motherless child–  Mimi Faust’s mother abandoned her when she was only 13 years old. Her mother, Olaiya Odufunke was a devout Scientologist and wanted Mimi to join the religious organization.  Mimi refused to sign a contract that required that she work for the church for a billion years, so her mother left the family and spent a great majority of her life working for the organization practically for free.  She eventually passed away in 2003.

She has an arrest record– Arrest records are common amongst reality television stars, and Mimi is no stranger.  In 2009 she was arrested and booked in Atlanta, Georgia on domestic battery charges.  No word on whether or not the person attacked was Stevie J.

She’s one of many of producer Stevie J’s baby’s mommas – Mimi and Stevie J’s relationship was showcased extensively on VH1’s “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta.”  She was with him when he was one of the most popular and successful producers in hip hop to when he almost lost his million fortune due to mismanagement.
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  And despite Stevie J having a very public affair with his protégé Joseline, Mimi continued with the relationship until late 2013.  Their relationship spanned over sixteen years and the two have a three-year-old daughter together.

Mimi is an entrepreneur– Aside from selling dirty films of herself, Mimi is an entrepreneur.  She is the owner of Keep It Clean Inc. — no, we’re not making this up — which is an estate and commercial cleaning service.  She is worth a reported $1.5 million and continues to work on new ventures.  Maybe she has an addiction to fast money, which led her to record the triple-X rated film.

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