265-Pound Woman Poses In 2-Piece Swimsuit In Hollywood to Promote Self-Love

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Amani Terrell is a 265 pound woman who posed in a two piece swimsuit in Hollywood.

Amani Terrell

Reported by Barry Burch Jr.

When it comes to understanding how you feel about yourself, though it may not seem like it at times, you are in total control.  Your emotions regarding your outside appearance can be negative or positive depending on your own perception.  One woman in L.A. has taken this fact to heart, and is attempting to show women across the world that it is OK to be proud of your body, even if it is not “perfect.”

According to myfoxla, Amani Terrell of Los Angeles is no longer going to tolerate Hollywood’s obsession with perfection.  The young woman has taken it upon herself to stand directly in the center of Hollywood Boulevard in such a way that it is clear to see that she has no qualms with her “imperfect” shape.

Terrell’s goal is to exude her own self-confidence so that people will see that there is nothing wrong with being comfortable in your own skin.  Despite the opposition that Terrell will no doubt experience with this drastic measure, she has successfully promoted the universal idea that you must love yourself, regardless of what you look like.

Though Terrell weighs 265 pounds, and acknowledges that she does need to lose some weight for health purposes, she says that she refuses to have low self-esteem.  “You cannot seek validation from other people,” she explained.  “This world is very cruel.  You must seek validation within yourself and be kind to yourself.”

Terrell’s method of explaining her belief involves sporting a bikini in the middle of a busy Hollywood Boulevard.  Women are beautiful at any size, she says.  Most of the reactions have been positive, but of course, we are not all positive.  One person tried to turn Terrell’s initiative into a fiasco by yelling out he had lost his appetite, while another referred to Terrell sarcastically as “Precious.”

Terrell responded eloquently.  “That was very unkind but that’s cool because I love myself.”  Feel free to follow Terrell on Twitter at @FATINLOSANGELES.

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