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Zoe Saldana Says She Let Herself Go Physically

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zoe saldanaBy Lechette Walker

The amazingly beautiful Zoe Saldana has recently exposed her current state of thinking as she pose for the cover of Net-A- Porter’s The Edit in a gorgeous Alexander McQueen dress.

The 35 year old’s amazing physique lures you to think that she is always working out and eating healthy. In her recent interview she expose that she hasn’t been to the gym but she has been living her life the way that she wants to.

“I’m Not a Private Person, But I Am Discreet,” said Saldana.

She explained how she is able to balance her busy life to the online magazine.

“I’ve been an active person my whole life. The past year has been the only time in my life that I haven’t been to the gym. I’ve been lazy instead of training for something and pushing myself…not because I am trying to be skinny. I just like to know how much endurance I have. But this past year I‘ve let myself go.”

Questions were posed about her most recent marriage to Marco Perego at a secluded ceremony. She stated that she just did what she felt and she has no regrets.

“I’m not a private person, but I am discreet. So it felt right,” said Saldana.

“I don’t care what people think. I wish I did, maybe I would be at a different place in my life, but I don’t care. I can’t fake it. I follow my heart, my friends’ advice, a song, a poem.”

Saldana has been busy filming several movies, the remake of Rosemary’s Baby, Guardians of the Galaxy and the upcoming biography movie about Nina Simone, Nina.

She took a break on working out that has not impacted her looks in the public eye. With her new movies coming out, we will be able to see how she has pushed her acting career to another level as her views have changed.