Woman Dumped by Boyfriend After He Won $338 Million Drops Lawsuit

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A New Jersey woman is dropping her lawsuit against an ex-boyfriend of 10 years who won $338 million inlottery_winner_powerball the Powerball lottery then dumped her.

Inez Sanchez, ex-girlfriend of lottery winner Pedro Quezada, officially dropped her lawsuit in state Superior Court on Friday.

Even though the two were never married, they had a child together, lived together for over a decade, and owned a grocery store together.

When Quezada claimed his lottery winnings, Sanchez was by his side, but it didn’t take long for him to have a change of heart.
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As it turns out Quezada’s ex girlfriend isn’t the only person complaining about how he’s changed since winning the Powerball. Quezada’s landlord says he hasn’t paid $725 in rent he owes and neighbors of the mega lottery winner say he promised to pay their rent but never made good on that promise.

“It doesn’t get any lower than that,” landlord Kujtim Sulejmani, 47, told MailOnline when discussing the $725 in rent that Quezada allegedly skipped out on.

“He won the lotto and then he moved out. He didn’t even pay his own – forget the rest of them.”

Quezada took the lump sum option of $152 million and according to Sanchez, $57 million of that is already gone because Quezada sent that back home to the Dominican Republic.

“I would just want him to give the money to his common-law wife and kids,’ said Sulejmani. ‘The $800 doesn’t matter to me. I hope he gives it to his wife because she really deserves it.”

“He got lucky and it would have been a good act to pay the rent,” Serafim Ariza, 19, told MailOnline. “He promised the whole street but he never followed through.”