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This woman says she was with Dr. King the night that he was killed

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Senator Georgia Davis Powers has a few enemies among civil rights leaders, but it’s hard to know if these enemies exist because she is telling a lie or telling the truth.  Senator Powers, a respected woman out of the state of Kentucky, says that she had a long-time love affair with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.   She even wrote that she spent the night with Dr. King in his last night at the Lorraine Motel in Memphis, where he was assassinated the next morning. 

“When they put Dr. King into the ambulance, I instinctively began climbing in to go with him,” Ms. Powers wrote in her book, “I Shared the Dream.”

“Andy Young gently pulled me back. ‘No, Senator,’ he said. ‘I don’t think you want to do that.’ ”

Andrew Young says that he doesn’t remember that particular incident.   But another friend of Dr. King’s, Rev. Hosea Williams, says that it wasn’t true at all.

“I’m willing and ready to stake my life that Ms. Powers is telling a baldfaced lie,” he said.

But while Williams will say that the woman is lying, he didn’t really explain why she was there.  Another close friend of Dr. King’s Rev. Ralph Abernathy, stated that the woman is telling the truth.   He says that not only was Dr. King cheating on his wife Coretta, but that he was with “a black woman . . . a member of the Kentucky legislature” the night before he was killed.

Some say that the mere mention of infidelity on the part of Dr. King is an unthinkable stain on his legacy.  Others say that he wasn’t a superhero, but a man who spent far too much time on the road.  This can lead to loneliness and a possible desire for female attention.

What do you think?  Should these issues not even be brought to the public?  Is Ms. Powers wrong for speaking out.

Here is an interview with the energetic senator, who is now 90 years old and highly respected in her home state of Kentucky.