“The Mindy Project” Sitcom Star Is Blindsided By Dating Question

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By Barry Burch Jr.

Some people see celebrities on television and actually believe that they know them personally, or that they can at least talk to them like they do.  And correspondents of television channels are not excluded.  Mindy Kaling, who is the creator and star of the TV sitcom, “The Mindy Project,” experienced this first-hand when she found herself attempting to duck a question about what color guys she likes to date.

Despite the fact that Kaling regularly discusses relationships on her show, when it comes to her personal life, not so much.  She seemed incredibly reluctant to share her preferences.  It was visibly clear that the American actress born of Indian dissent was uncomfortable.  The E! News correspondent Alicia Quarles asked the actress specifically, what ethnicity of man do you fancy?

It all started with a chat between the two women on the red carpet at Vanity Fair’s Oscar party.  They were discussing Kaling’s successful comedy and the men her character dates.  Suddenly, Quarles asked, “So who’s your type?”

Kaling responded, “Who’s my type?  Good looking.”

A persistent Quarles shot back, “Okay, so any color?”

“Yeah,” said Kaling, as she laughed.   And that about summed it up since she would not elaborate further, as reported by Mail Online.

The questions from Quarles seemed to make viewers on Twitter equally uncomfortable.   One wrote, “Wait…did someone on E! ask Mindy Kaling what her favorite color guy was? And this was on television?”

Another person posted the video along with a simple comment which read, “Not okay, not *ever*.”

According to Mail Online, earlier, Kaling was joking about what people must think as she walks by, saying: “That’s that girl from that show where she kisses all the white men.”

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