Simon Cowell’s Longtime Girlfriend Says It’s Over, Wishes Him Well With Baby Mama

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By Stephanie Allen-Gobert

A new baby…now she’s finally done! Speaking to OK Magazine, the singer Sinitta has admitted her on-off relationship with Simon Cowell is finally over. Sinitta stated the news after finding out her long term lover and friend had a child with Lauren and that was enough to call it quits once and for all.

“The whole are-we-or-aren’t-we thing with Simon and I…Being a bit stuck or hung up on each other, but not being able to fully commit to each other and equally not being able to fully move on…In recent times we’ve finally been able to do that and him having a baby with Lauren certainly stops the yo-yo situation forever,” Sinitta explains.

“I think he’s met his match-they have so much in common, they suit each other and I think they deserve to be together. Lauren has made my best friend extremely happy and he’s finally found the woman he truly loves.”

The beauty also adds: “I guess he’s not always been able to be a faithful boyfriend until now, but he has been a faithful friend. Simon and I have good times together. We care for each other’s families. His mum’s like my mother. I’ve known her since I was a teenager, we’re old family friends.”

Sinitta also knocked down and addressed the rumors she is on Cowell’s payroll: “When I was mentoring [on The X Factor] he paid me the going rate. As godfather he pays toward my children’s school fees and he buys us lovely birthday and Christmas presents. He’s a generous friend but I earn my own money.”

Lauren Silverman is Simon’s girlfriend and the mother of his son Eric. Lauren gave birth to Eric on Valentine’s Day and Cowell was very excited about his pride and joy and immediately shared his excitement on Twitter with his 9.5 million Twitter fans.



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