President of Women’s Rights Org Believes Michelle Obama Lacks Hillary Clinton’s Courage

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Reggie Littlejohn of Womens Rights Without Frontiers criticized First Lady Michelle Obama for not speakout out against abortions in China.


Reported Ashley Naples

As anticipated, First Lady Michelle Obama has endured a significant amount of criticism for choosing to vacation in China with her daughters Sasha and Malia. There are complaints about the amount of money the trip is costing; the First Lady’s decision to vacation in China in lieu of the country’s growing concerns with foreign relations, and many more things.

Adding to the laundry list of critics is Reggie Littlejohn, president of Women’s Rights Without Frontiers.  Littlejohn’s criticism is not about what the First Lady did; it’s about what she didn’t do during her visit to China. “I am extremely disappointed that Mrs. Obama has deliberately ignored egregious women’s rights abuses while in China,” Littlejohn said on Wednesday. “Mrs. Obama has positioned herself as an international women’s leader. She could have done so much good if she had been willing to use her position to advance women’s rights in a nation that tramples them.”  One example of China’s disregard for women’s rights is its forced abοrtions.

As the mother of two children, Mrs. Obama could have spoken out against forced abortion under the One Child Policy.  As the mother of two daughters, she could have taken aim also against gendercide – the sëx-selective abοrtion of baby girls,” Littlejohn asserted.

Littlejohn noted that First Lady Michelle Obama could have followed Hillary Clinton’s lead, who, in 1995, spoke out against forced abοrtion and “gendercide” at the Fourth Women’s Conference in Beijing.  “She could have comforted the grieving family of Ms. Cao Shunli, a respected human rights activist who died weeks ago after having been denied medical treatment. As the wife of a Nobel Peace Prize winner, she could have visited Liu Xia, wife of jailed 2010 Nobel Peace Prize winner Liu Xiaobo,” Littlejohn added.