Police are looking for Columbus Short, there’s a warrant out for his arrest

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Columbus Short is known as the man who stands next to Kerry Washington on the hit TV show, “Scandal.”  Short is now also known as a wanted man.

The Scandal star, according to TMZ, has a warrant out for his arrest in an incident that involved a fight at a bar.  Police are saying that he sucker punched a man for running his mouth, which is a serious felony that can land him in prison.

Short is accused of punching the man at an engagement party, allegedly leaving the victim with a broken nose.  The man also says that the punch was so bad that it left him unconcious.   This week, the judge issued the warrant for Short’s arrest on charges of felony aggravated battery.  The reason it’s a felony is because there was serious bodily injury involved.

If he’s convicted, Short faces a sentence of four years in prison.  His bond has been set at $50,000, and he has yet to turn himself in to police.

Short is just the second black celebrity this week to have a warrant out for his arrest.  Anita Baker also found herself subject to police scrutiny over an arrest warrant issued over a lawsuit for the tiny sum of $15,000.  Baker resolved her situation and had the warrant lifted.  Things might not be so easy for Mr. Short.   You can’t be on the top television show in America and go around punching people out.  You can pay someone to do the punching for you.

For the record, here’s a picture of what the guy looked like after the punch.  He looks like he’s going to be suing for a lot of money:

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