Paula Patton Sees Through The Blurred Lines of Husband’s Constant Crying

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By Barry Burch Jr.

If all men had to do when they messed up was cry in order to get back with their wives, there would be a lot less people getting divorced.  Robin Thicke was recently made aware of this, if he did not already know.  His wife who recently left him, Paula Patton says, according to TMZ, that crying on stage at his concerts will not be enough to win the actress back.

Sources told TMZ, that even if Robin Thicke makes crying on stage a regular thing for an extended period of time that it will not be enough to get him back into wife Patton’s good graces.    The “Blurred Lines” singer is going to need to provide something a little more concrete.

The sources that spoke with TMZ, are reportedly close to the couple.  They say that Patton has been unmoved by Thicke’s talking to TMZ and thousands of his concert goers about his relationship.  His telling them that he wants to get back with Patton is simply not cutting it.  

There is good news for Thicke; however.  The sources added that although Patton explicitly asked Thicke for a divorce, she has not yet obtained a divorce lawyer and the actress claims to still be open to reconciliation.

The main thing Thicke needs to focus on, according to the sources, is proving his loyalty; and actions speak louder than words.  Patton is reportedly keeping a very close eye on the singer.  She wants to see who he is spending his time with and what parties he is attending, especially the after parties, according to TMZ.  

And Patton will not have a problem keeping tabs because the paparazzi who seem to have no problem following Thicke around and capturing his every move on camera make for some great private detectives.

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