Man arrested for sucking a woman’s toes in Wal-Mart

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By Liku Zelleke

Lincolnton, N.C. – On the 17th of March, Erika Porras, 40, was shopping at a Wal-Mart with her daughter in tow. At some time during the trip, Porras says that she was approached by a man who asked if he could help her try on some shoes.

The man, later identified as Michael Brown, 31, then said, “Follow me to the shoe department.”

Thinking that he worked at the store, she obliged.

She agreed to try on shoes and Brian mentioned to her that he was a podiatry student before saying that he would like to take a picture for research.

When Erika obliged, “He stuck her foot in his mouth,” said her daughter Kattie.

Erika, horrified and upset started protesting and called the police.

Realizing he was in serious trouble, he started to plead “Sorry, ma’am. Please, please, please.”

Brown then offered to pay for their groceries, but Erika wasn’t having any of it.

Lincolnton Detective Dennis Harris could only say “Twenty-one years of law enforcement and I’ve never seen anything like it! I’ve heard of foot fetishes before, but nothing on this scale,” and that is was all “kind of bizarre, strange.”

When the story broke, detectives said that they’d received numerous reports from potential victims in Indian Trail, Denver and Rock Hill – indicating that Brown might have been doing the assaults for a while. In one incident, the victim indentified Brown from the Porras assault, and said that he had told her he was doing a survey of women and that he needed to examine her feet.

When she realized what he was up to, she got up and left.

A registered sex offender, Brown was convicted in 2001 for breaking and entering into a house, in his hometown of Concord, and sucking on another woman’s toes. He also has previous charges for assaults on females and filing a false report to police radio.

Appearing in a Lincoln County courtroom, Brown waived his right to a court-appointed attorney and told the judge that he wanted to plead guilty. The judge replied that he couldn’t plead one way or the other because the officer and prosecuting witness were not present.

Brown is being held under a $50,000 bond and will appear in court again in April 10th.