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Kerry Washington and Jennifer Lopez share a common past

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Kerry Washington is obviously known as the star of the hit TV show that everyone is watching (we won’t say the name, since you already know it).   She is also one of the most respected black actresses in all of Hollywood.  But what do we really know about Washington?  There is a lot to share.

Sommer Payne has taken on Kerry’s persona to tell you a few things about one of your favorite actresses that you may not know.  Enjoy!

1. I am obsessed with pineapple.

2. My grandparents’ names are on the memorial wall at Ellis Island

3. Like my character Olivia Pope, I was on the swim team in high school.

4. I have a Tina Turner impression that I’m very proud of since the age of 9.

5. As a kid, Splash was my favorite movie.

6. I was very resistant to Twitter. (She now tweets as @kerrywashington.)

7. I went to the same Bronx Boys & Girls Club as Jennifer Lopez.

8. I studied yoga and traditional Indian theater in India right after college.

9. While attending the Spence School, I was in a nine-girl a cappella singing group called Triple Trio.

10. I’m a huge Game of Thrones fan.

11. Every year on my birthday, I get my parents a gift.

12. I’m named after Ireland’s country Kerry.

13. I love to dance.

14. I didn’t get my license until my mid-twenties.

15. The first musical that I truly fell in love with was “Into the Woods.”