Is Forest Whitaker’s Wife Sick or Addicted To Dieting?

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By Barry Burch Jr.

Forest Whitaker was accompanied by his wife, Keisha Whitaker, to several A-list events this week.  It was a surprise for many to see just how much weight she had lost.

The 41-year-old appeared at the 2014 Film Independent Spirit Awards at Santa Monica Beach on Saturday, wearing a sleeveless black gown, as reported by Mail Online.  Her thinness was difficult to ignore.

Seven years ago, Keisha looked to be in great shape, but while holding her husband close, on Saturday, it was clearly visible that had changed.  Her upper arm seemed to be thinner than her elbow.

RadarOnline.com reports that Keisha will be tuning 42 this week and has lost a total of 35 pounds over the past several years.  The weight loss is not healthy either.  At her age, the sudden drop could lead to very serious health problems, according to The Hampton’s Diet author Dr. Fred Pescatore.

“She runs the risk of premature aging of her heart and bones,” he explained.  “Most importantly, going up and down like this wreaks havoc on the metabolism and makes it increasingly difficult to continue to stay thin without more and more effort; possibly to the point of starvation and pills.
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According to Keisha’s tweets, although a significant amount of weight has been lost, junk food is still a big part of her diet.

“Morning Morning Taco Tuesdays!!! Endless Possibilities…..,” reads one tweet.

Another reads, “A Pizza store in Burbank who took my order and didn’t deliver don’t worry(2 hours late) Micellis to the RESCUE and it will TASTE good!”

Forest and Keisha were married in 1996.  They met on the set of their movie “Blown Away,” as reported by Mail Online.

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