Father Allegedly Murdered His Daughter And Her Girlfriend

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James-Larry-Cosby--Britney-Cosby-and-Crystal-JacksonBy David Bloodsaw

The Daily Mail reports that a young woman’s life was tragically ended by the hands of her own father. According to police, Britney Cosby was killed by James Cosby, her father, because she was romantically involved with another woman. Police say that Cosby not only killed his own daughter, but her girlfriend as well – Crystal Jackson.

Britney was apparently killed by blunt force trauma and Crystal was shot. The two young women left their home in Houston and their bodies were found in Galveston, Texas. Police say that Cosby was highly upset because his daughter was in a lesbian relationship. Evidence points to James Cosby’s home as the murder location.

Officers became suspicious of Cosby while interviewing him at his home. There were indications that his residence might be the scene of the murder. Police obtained a search warrant and recovered “blood and other evidence. “

Cosby, who has a long criminal history and happens to be a Muslim, was recently released from prison after he failed to register as a sεx offender in 2011. That case stems from an aggravated assault case dating back to 1994.

Quanell X, a community activist and the family’s spokesman said that James Cosby’s home was a grisly scene with visible blood spatter. “Blood was all on the wall, all on the speaker – on the sofa,” he said.

Currently Cosby is being charged with evidence tampering, but the charge will likely be upgraded to capital murder. The police are still searching for couple’s new car, a Kia SUV.

The couple of two years left for a trip to Galveston from Houston, which is about 50 miles south. Somehow they were murdered at the father’s house and their bodies were transported to Galveston and discovered behind a dumpster outside a convenience store. However, the police did have a composite sketch of James Cosby who was seen driving the car and it’s a strong resemblance to him.

Jackson worked at a Starbucks and had a five-year-old son.

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