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Chelsea Handler Accused of Racist, Disrespectful Tweets about Lupita Nyong’o

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by Liku Zelleke

Comedian Chelsea Handler couldn’t have picked a worse night than the Oscars to earn the label of a “racist” – two times over.

According to reports, Handler drew the wrath of the public after she repeatedly tweeted about her new book, “Uganda Be Kidding Me” every time the Best Picture winner “12 Years a Slave” was given an award.

In one tweet she said:

Congratulations #12yearsaslave Go to Africa or buy #ugandabekiddingme #aheadofthecurve #Oscars.

Immediately after that, she started getting replies from people calling her “disgraceful,” stating that what she did was “offensive” and even went on to call her a “racist.”

Handler was tweeting on behalf of Huffington Post, which has for some time now allowed celebrities to take over their Twitter account and share their night with their followers and the public in general.

The Post’s senior executive, Perri Dorset, was quick to comment that this was a thing they had been doing for a while and that “the views are theirs [the celebrities], not ours.”

But, Handler didn’t stop there. She drew even more ire when she took a swipe at the Kenyan actress Lupita Nyong’o, who had won an award for Best Supporting Actress, by tweeting:

#AngelinaJolie just filed adoption papers #lupitanyongo #Oscars -@chelseahandler.

And, still touting her book, she went ahead and tweeted:

Congratulations #lupita To pre order #ugandabekiddingme go to #Oscars.

Tweeters were irritated by her constant advertizing and were rightly so when considering the fact that her new book was about travels in Uganda and that Nyong’o was from Kenya, as one Andrea Houston mentioned:

Are you are trying to connect this book to @Lupita_Nyongo because she’s black and from Africa? Wow. RT@HuffingtonPost

It was only after she realized what a mess she had gotten herself into that Handler made a public apology:

Thank you @HuffingtonPost #imsorry –@chelseahandler