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Beyonce Fans Ripped Off In Ticket Scam In Manchester

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beyonce ticket scamBy: Stephanie Allen-Gobert

One bad apple can spoil the whole bunch… and a bad apple is what fans in Manchester, England experienced recently trying to attend Beyonce’s Mrs. Carter Show. WENN is reporting that the ticket schemers sold roughly 140 fake pairs of passes sold at roughly $160 per ticket or $320 per pair; totaling $45,000 worth of profits for the crooks.

It is estimated that about 300 Beyonce fans spent their hard earned money on the concert. The 32-year old megastar performed two shows as part of the Mrs. Carter World Show Tour in Manchester, England at the Manchester Arena, but some fans were turned away due to fake ticketing scam. One fan, Michael Hegarty, agreed to pay £220 for a pair of Beyoncé tickets from a ‘very plausible’ man, whom he had met on Gumtree, sold him what he thought was a genuine ticket to the show.

When he realized he was unable to attend the concert, he sold the tickets on to someone else – but the order number turned out to have been forged and the barcode did not work.

The British Transport Police are currently investigating the scam. A spokesperson for the national police service for the railways in Great Britain said: “It seems that someone has been selling fake tickets to concertgoers who only realize the tickets aren’t genuine when they get to the venue.”

“We believe there have been more than 140 sets of fake tickets sold, though only seven victims have come forward so far.”

‘I am, therefore, appealing to anyone who has been sold fake tickets, but has not yet spoken to police, to come forward,’ the spokesperson added.

It seems as if the victims of the scheme are just “SOL”, because Jay Z’s wife has already began her sixth concert stint at the O2 Arena in London on Friday. After her last date in London, “B” will be traveling to Dublin, Ireland for four shows beginning on March 8th.

Beyonce has been performing her stage show for almost a year. The tour kicked off in Belgrade, Serbia in April of last year.

Source:  dailymail