Acid Attack victim says police insinuated that she did this to herself

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Naomi Oni has endured the kind of nightmare that most of us can’t even imagine.  She was the victim of a horrible acid attack, where a former friend allegedly threw the substance in her face out of spite or jealousy.   But now she has to endure an even more trouble assertion:  That she threw the acid on herself just to get attention.

While this sort of thing isn’t impossible, it would be difficult to imagine.  We would at least expect that proof would have to be provided before making an allegation of this nature.   Naomi has lashed out againt police who are questioning how she was burned, leaving doubts in her story that she was attacked by someone else.

Mary Konye, a 22-year old former friend of Naomi’s, is the person alleged to have committed this heinous assault.  The attack, which occurred in East London in 2012, left the former Victoria’s Secret Assistant with terrible burns to her face and chest.  

Konye was alleged to have dressed as a Muslim to disguise herself before committing the attack.  As a result, she was sent to jail for 12 weeks last year.   Oni says that police didn’t do much to help her initially because they believed she might have done this to herself.

She told the BBC that she experienced the “pain and backlash for her (Konye’s) actions and other people’s incompetency,” and felt that she was being accused of lying. 

The police just say that they were considering all possibilities in the case.

“I even got told that they watched the CCTV footage and they saw no-one following me,” she said.

“We’ve all seen the CCTV footage. There was a person in a veil following me. Why was this not found in the beginning? Nobody has answers to tell me.”

Here is what the police had to say on their end:

“All lines of inquiry were considered in the early stages of the investigation. The investigation was detailed and complex and officers had a duty to explore every avenue of inquiry and retain an open mind about the circumstances. They carried out numerous actions including door-to-door inquiries, leaflet drops, searches, interviews and forensic analyses. The CCTV evidence took some time to collate and analyse but then clearly showed a veiled suspect trailing the victim before the attack.  Konye was arrested as the investigation progressed.”

The young woman says that she is now afraid to leave the house and has trouble making it through each day.  She has even considered suicide after dealing with the pain of being disfigured.