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Yuck: This woman says her father watches her adult films from prison

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Taking a stand and telling your parents that you want to be a singer rather than a doctor can be tough.  But what if you are telling your parents that you have traded your ballet shoes for 6′ high heels and are putting down that book bag and picking up a ‘hoe bag?”


In this video, Pinky, an adult film star and stripper, talks about her decision to tell her parents that she was going to ditch college for a more exotic way of life. Pinky tells VladTV, that she was really smart in school. She had good grades, ballet shoes, played sports and received countless academic awards, she was even voted most likely to succeed in school.

But, when she was 17 years old, her life took an interesting turn. Her father went to prison, and she started to strip in a local San Francisco strip club. She knew then that she wanted to make a career out of the exotic lifestyle. She says when she revealed her aspirations to her mother, she did not take the news so well. They were involved in a physical altercation and she threw her out.

After she started to dance, she started to explore the world of adult film and the lifestyle and potential to earn appealed to her. She started an independent film company promoting her own movies while gaining popularity and being hired by other companies. At least she has good business sense?!

Today, Pinky is recognized as the one of the most popular faces in the industry. She continues to work in clubs and is featured in magazines, movies. Her father, who is still incarcerated, confessed that he had seen his daughter at work on films. Pinky says that it’s embarrassing that her father can see her on film but its the ‘it is what it is.’

Pinky says since she started to work in the music industry,  her mother is extremely proud of her and that they have accepted who she is and the success she has become regardless of the nature of the business.