Woman Opens Fire on McDonald’s After Repeatedly Receiving Wrong Burger Orders

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Anyone whose ever ordered food from a fast food restaurant surely knows the frustration of forgetting toShaneka-Torres check your bag, only to get home and realize you’ve been given the wrong order. One Michigan woman didn’t forget to check her bag, but after receiving the wrong order more than once, she decided to open fire on the McDonald’s restaurant.

WOOD-TV reports that two women in Grand Rapids, Mich. went to a McDonald’s on Sunday evening and were given an incorrect burger order. The women complained and were offered a free meal. When the women returned at around 3AM early Monday morning to collect, they were again given incorrect orders.

Shaneka Monique Torres, a passenger in the car, exited the vehicle and began yelling at McDonald’s employees, according to police. Torres then allegedly fired one gunshot at the window of the drive-thru, but no one was injured. Workers inside the McDonald’s didn’t even realized what had happened at first, thinking a coffee pot had exploded.

The pair then fled the scene, but police were able to locate them because the first time their burgers were prepared wrongly, they’d given McDonald’s restaurant workers their phone numbers so they could be reached about their free meals.

Torres was arrested and charged with unlawfully firing a weapon and carrying a concealed weapon without a permit.

The driver of the McDonald’s getaway car was not charged.

So what was so wrong with the sandwiches that it triggered a violent outburst? The sandwich did not have bacon, as requested.