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Woman Locked Children In Closets For Hours, Charged With Kidnapping and Abuse

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monique latrice winstonBy Dr. Sinclair Grey III

There’s no excuse for child abuse and child neglect. No matter how hard times are for a parent, under no circumstances must a child be treated less than human.

27-year old Monique Latrice Winston is being charged with two counts of kidnapping, two counts of endangering the welfare of a child, and four counts of abuse/neglect of a child.

This story only gets worse because Winston left the children in the apartment for hours locked in a closet. The two kids involved, one male (3-years-old) and one female (5-years-old) were found in separate closets when neighbors heard them screaming and notified the local police. When the police arrived and opened the closets, they saw the siblings.

According to reports, Winston and her boyfriend left the apartment around 9am and the screams were heard and police arrived 3:30pm. “Police say the children were sitting on top of items piled inside the closets, such as clothes and a television. There were no lights inside the closets.”

The brother and sister were taken to SSM Cardinal Glennon Children’s Medical Center. The girl showed signs of malnourishment and was diagnosed with ringworms, which reflects not being bathed regularly. Her brother was diagnosed with the same symptoms (ringworms and malnourishment).  Here’s the troubling news about the boy – doctors say ‘his weight is in less than the fifth percentile for a child his age.’

Winton admits to putting the children in the closet. This wasn’t the first time she has done this. She would put them in the closet every other three days.

Just reading this story can make one upset and sick. Upset because a mother did this heinous act to two innocent children and sick because no child should face this kind of suffering. While the mother receives justice, let’s keep the two children in our thoughts and hope they will recover physically and emotionally.

Source: theGrio

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