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Woman Convicted Of Manslaughter For Faulty Buttocks-Injections

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butt injectionsBy April Taylor

Fox News is reporting that Natasha Stewart has been found guilty in Jackson, Mississippi of manslaughter in the death of 37 year old Karima Gordon who was from Atlanta.  The conviction stems from an incident  that occurred back in 2012 where Gordon illegally had a procedure performed on her that involved her receiving silicone buttocks injections.  The injections eventually led to her death.  According to Stewart, she was just trying to help a woman who was insecure about her body, and she does not feel as though she should be facing time in prison for her actions.

The original charges against Stewart included “depraved-heart,” murder and conspiracy to commit culpable negligent manslaughter.  The jury was also reportedly allowed to consider a lesser charge of culpable negligent manslaughter as opposed to the murder charge, and in the end, it was the lesser charge of manslaughter that Stewart was convicted of.  Stewart was found not guilty on two other charges she faced including wire fraud and conspiracy to commit wire fraud.  Stewart could be sentenced to up to 20 years in prison for each charge that she was found guilty of.

Fox News is also reporting that Stewart is an adult entertainer who has also gone by the name Pebbelz Da Model.  According to court records, Stewart took a $200 payment from Gordon as a referral fee and put Gordon in touch with someone that she falsely represented as being a nurse.  Although Stewart feels as though the charges she faced were more severe than the crime, there is nothing to indicate that Gordon would have gone ahead with the injections had she not been misled about the person performing the injections being a medical professional.  No information has been provided about when Stewart will be officially sentenced or if she intends to appeal the verdict.