Woman Calls 911 For “$exy” Officer And Gets Arrested

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Maria Montanez-Colon (Charlotte County Sheriff's Office)By Barry Burch Jr.

Who better to call when you are lonely than the police? Some might consider this overkill, but not Maria Montanez-Colon, who at 58, was arrested because of it. She was charged for misusing the 911 system to, according to her; get the $exy officer to return to her home.

The first call was around 6 p.m. Friday night. Montanez-Colon told the dispatcher, “There’s no emergency.” Then she spoke about wanting to retrieve a Corvette from her stepson, who she signed the car over to after her husband died.

It was police officer Justin Davoult who arrived on the scene to meet an intoxicated Montanez-Colon alone at her home. She attempted to seduce the officer several times and told him that it had been years since her last $exual encounter, as reported by The Smoking Gun. According to police, Montanez-Colon asked to have $ex with the officer before grabbing his arms and chest.

In a talk with WBBH NBC2, Lieutenant Joe King of the Punta Gorda Police Department said “She got away from the questions and tried to get a little personal with our officer in which, you know, he had no part of.” Despite Officer Davoult’s warnings about misusing the 911 system and giving her a card with a number for non-emergencies, Montanez-Colon would still not stop. She called 911 an hour later.

This time, she told the dispatcher that she was angry the first officer had turned her down and that she needed another. When Davoult returned to Montanez-Colon’s house, another officer was there. Montanez-Colon immediately apologized for calling 911 again, but said that she had no other way to make Davoult come back.

Montanez-Colon was ultimately arrested for misusing 911. According to her neighbors, jail is not needed in this case; treatment for her alcohol addiction is.

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