The Black Wife Of The NYC Mayor Launches A Bold New Website

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By Carolyn Hall

NYC’s first lady, Chirlane McCray, is shattering stereotypes in her role as 2nd Black woman to serve as first lady to the mayor of New York City. Not only is this sister dark brown, but has natural hair that she sports with an air of confidence and regality. While this may not mean much to many, it should. She, like First Lady Michelle Obama, is broadening the view of Black women, in particular dark-skinned Black women.
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Not only is she extremely intelligent, but they offer an antithetical view of the “negative images of dark-skinned Black women” that have been all too common in the American media.

As educated, involved women holding powerful positions, they open up the door for others and a healthy dialogue about race and intraracial notions of beauty. Moreover, their positions as part of a ‘historically oppressed group’ give them a more unique and human perspective about mainstream issues, especially those issues negatively impacting America.

When asked about her new role as first lady of New York, in an interview with the Huffington Post, she states “it has been quite a struggle to live the life that I’ve lived…I think it does give a certain sensitivity to many people.”

One of her first acts of public service is the establishment of a new website that will give a detailed account of her public service, which will serve as a bridge of communication between her and the constituents of New York City.

On the first lady’s website,, her aim is to allow New Yorker’s, regardless of economic or social background, to have a first hand look and insight into the inner workings of the Mayor’s office and “bring social justice to the forefront” for everyone.

First Lady McCray has also established a fund, Mayor’s Fund to Advance New York City, to help better the city and the lives of its residents.

The interactive platform of McCray is evidence of her desire to connect to all people.