Rapper T.I. Accused Of Being Controlling Of His Wife Tiny On Social Media

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By April Taylor

Rapper T.I. and his wife Tiny are often referred to as the, “Hip Hop Huxtables,” but T.I.’s recent comments about some of Tiny’s Instagram photos have some comparing their relationship to that of Jay Z and Beyonce.  A  recent article by the Atlanta Daily World discusses the two couple’s relationships and how the sexualization of the women involved appears to have affected things between the couples.

During a recent vacation, Tiny reportedly posted several pictures to her Instagram account, one of which included a shot of the lower half of her body.  T.I. felt that it was a, “booty shot,” and left the following comment under the picture,

“U have so much more going for u other than your a$$.  Although it is magnificent, I think u should spend just as much time showcasing those other things as u do ya booty…awesome pic luv.”

The expression of disapproval provides another piece of evidence to support the divorce rumors that have been swirling around the couple.  According to the article on Atlanta Daily World, the couple had an argument during the Grammy’s recently, and Tiny has been seen in public without her wedding ring on her finger.  There are also reportedly rumors that T.I. may have secretly conceived a child.

While T.I.’s comment does seem to indicate that he loves his wife, the fact that he had no problem publicly expressing his disdain for the photo seems to indicate that he may not be overly zealous about keeping any suspected trouble between the two private.  Some believe his comments may have been a way for him to assert his male authority in the relationship and not just a way for him to encourage his wife to value herself for more than just her physical appearance.  Time will tell whether the couple is truly just trying to support each other or if this is just another indication that their marriage is falling apart.