Rapper Ludacris Can’t Pay $15,000 In Child Support

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Rapper Ludacris Child supportBy Lechette Walker

Christopher Bridges, best known as the rapper/actor Ludacris, has been ordered to pay $7,000 a-month in child support. The child support was ordered for his daughter Cai Bella Bridges, who was born on December 9th by his former partner, Tamika Fuller.

The 36 year old, hip hop entrepreneur has another daughter named Karma who is now 13 years old, according to sources.

Fuller is asking for $15,000 a month in child support to take care of her 2-month daughter, only to be disappointed by Ludacris claim of having hard times.  On Wednesday, he requested for the Judge in Georgia to reduce his child support to the limit of $1800 a month. Ludacris reason for his current financial difficulties stem from the death of star Paul Walker in which caused the production of the “Fast &Furious” to be put on hold. The delay in the completion of the box office hit directly affected Ludacris financial status, according to sources.

Ludacris declared to the court that he only made $55,000 in 2013. The Judge ruled that Ludacris will have to pay half of the original requested child support (which is about $7,000) until his financial documents are reviewed.

According to Ludacris Twitter feed last year, he confirmed that he was one of “The World’s 20 Highest Paid Hip Hop Artist.”

“7 years in a row! RT @shrznn: @Ludacris id the Forbe’s 9th healthiest cash-cow in hip hop! #Respect #LudaNation,” twitter feed dated the 25th of September 2013.

The revealing rundown of his assumed earning is substantially more than he reported to the courts on Wednesday, it is reported that he made“$12 million just in the year of 2013,” according to WebProNews.

If the accounts of the twitter feed are true I guess the courts will surely adjust his payments to reflect his actual earnings.

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