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Police Searching A Lake In Indiana To Find Teleka Patrick

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Lake Charles_Teleka PatrickBy April Taylor

The case of missing Kalamazoo doctor Teleka Patrick has been a confusing and baffling one for both the public and investigators.  In a recent development, Michigan Live is reporting that police are using sonar equipment to search the icy Lake Charles in Porter, Indiana for additional clues about Patrick’s disappearance.  Patrick has been missing since December 5,2013 after completing a shift at Borgess Medical Center in Kalamazoo, Michigan where she lives.  Her Lexus ES300 was abandoned along a highway in Indiana, which may have been one of the clues that led officials to search the lake.  The lake is located adjacent to where her car was found.

Indiana State Police investigators are reporting that they have not been able to find anything of evidentiary value during their search.  They used advanced sonar equipment provided by the Washtenaw County Sheriff’s Office as well as an ice auger purchased from Bass Pro Shops that was used to drill holes in the ice that covered the lake.  Investigators are hoping that even though the search did not yield any evidence, they will be able to create a detailed map of the lake.

Police are reporting that Patrick’s erratic and confused behavior prior to her disappearance is cause to believe that she may have suffered a mental breakdown.  Officials are also reporting that they believe she was headed to suburban Chicago to a relative’s home when her car went off the road on the Indiana highway.  Police are reporting that they still have no solid leads about Patrick’s whereabouts.  It was recently reported that Patrick had been stalking Marvin Sapp to the point of him getting a protective order issued against her, but he has been cleared of having any involvement in her disappearance.  As the case drags on, many are praying for a break in the case that will provide her family with peace and closure.