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People Thought They Saw Teleka Patrick, But Probably Not

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Teleka-PatrickBy April Taylor

After all of the news reports and speculation surrounding the disappearance of Michigan doctor Teleka Patrick, Fox News is reporting that detectives with the Kalamazoo County Sheriff’s Office are responding to reports that Patrick was spotted.  The 30 year old was last seen in Kalamazoo, Michigan trying to get a room at a local motel and leaving her job at the Borgess Medical Center on December 5, 2013.  No one has seen or heard from her since, and there have also not been any leads in the case.

Authorities were hoping that recent news of a woman being seen at a Battle Creek, Michigan Wal-Mart may have provided a break in the case and help authorities locate Patrick alive.  However, detectives with the Sheriff’s office have confirmed that after reviewing surveillance video from the store as well as making contact with the woman in the tape, the woman is not Teleka Patrick, nor does the women have any involvement with Patrick’s disappearance.

This news comes on the heels of authorities searching Lake Charles in Porter, Indiana, adjacent to where Patrick’s car was found on the side of a highway.  Just as with this report, no new information was uncovered.  Patrick appears to have disappeared with no trace as authorities have not only been unable to locate her but also unable to uncover any information that indicates whether or not she is alive or dead and where she might have been going the night of her disappearance or what may have motivated her to leave town in such an erratic manner.

Considering more than two months have passed since her disappearance, the likelihood that investigators will be able to uncover further evidence regarding Patrick’s disappearance seems less and less likely.  For the sake of her family finding peace and closure, let’s hope there is some kind of break in the case that yields valuable information about where Patrick is and why she disappeared under such mysterious circumstances.