Paula Dean Making Comeback, Apologizes… Again

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paula-deenBy Andrew Scot Bolsinger

“I have heard on more than one occasion … that I’ve never apologized,” Deen said, according to an Associated Press report. “So if anybody did not hear me apologize, I would like to apologize to those who did not hear me.”

Paula Dean, the fall Food Network southern cooking host, is back and attempting a comeback after her spectacular fall from public grace following a legal suit with an employee and Dean’s omission she used racial slurs.

In the aftermath, Food Network severed ties and many sponsors bailed out. Dean’s name-brand cooking items went into the tank. Dean made a few awkward apologies, claimed she wasn’t a racist her language and then claimed to be under attack. She ducked out of the spotlight for several months.

Saying she’s “not a quitter” Dean made a public appearance in Florida with a friendly crowd on Sunday.

Earlier this month Dean re-emerged into the public eye. She announced a new venture branded again with her name and backed by more than $75 million in venture capital funding.

“The venture will help restructure her brand of restaurants, cookbooks and food product endorsements,” the report said.

Dean told admires in attendance that they had brought her through this tough time with all the cards and letters of support.

Dean was joined on stage by former Food Network colleague, Robert Irvine, who lost his job at the Food Network at his own scandal from embellishing his resume. Food Network eventually re-hired Irvine, who offered advice to Dean on stage.

“This is a warning to you,” Irvine told Deen. “You’ve apologized. You’ve eaten crow. You’re done. Don’t do it anymore. I’ve been there.”

“I’m back in the saddle, y’all,” Deen told her fans.

Source:  today.com

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