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Mother of 3 Miraculously Survives Stray Bullet To Head

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mother of 3By Lechette Walker

A Connecticut woman was shot in the head and arm during a shoot-out. Hours after the tragedy she was posting messages on Facebook.

The news station interviewed a neighbor in the area that has known her for years stating, “She’s a very good person. She’s a mom.”

A report from NBC Connecticut states that, Candace Strickland is in the process of recovering from being shot during an irrational act of misbehavior.

Soon after the shooting, doctors revealed that Strickland will have a bullet stuck in her brain as a result of the unfortunate situation; she was still positive and posting on Facebook even after the news.

“God was truly with me & by my side!!!! Please keep praying for me. I can’t stop cryingggg,”posted on Strickland Facebook page.

The 30 year old, mother of three, is expected to make a complete recovery according to the Connecticut police.

The incident that occurred seemed to have started with gunfire erupting at a home in the area.  There has not been any release of details on how the shooting started or even the reason for the confrontation. The white sedan that was a part of the scene, had a blown out rear window and it was taken away by Detectives of the Hartford Police Crimes Division, according to the news station report.

There are some leads to the alleged shooter that the police department will be following up on during the next few days.  An arrest for this shoot-out, which could have led to the loss of a mother who is a Hartford resident, is expected soon.

Stricklands sister stated “She’s just thanking God right now, saying how blessed that she is that she survived that,” she continued, while fearing the thought of being targeted for retaliation, “It’s a miracle. It surely is a miracle.”

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