Mother Let Convicted $ex Offender Back Into Her Home With Daughters

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By Dr. Sinclair Grey III

Natavious Mays, a convicted $ex offender was captured again in the state of Georgia with his girlfriend, Darrika Driver, who was charged with child cruelty and harboring a $ex offender.

The strange thing about this couple is that Mays initially was arrested when he molested Driver’s two young daughters who were 12 and 14 years old at that time. After serving time, he returned to his girlfriend’s house and allegedly molested the older child again.

When law enforcement officials initially arrived at Driver’s home, Mays could not be found. In fact, Mays’ girlfriend lied to the police about his whereabouts. Still pursing the matter, police officials returned later and busted down the door when no one answered. Apparently, the couple had fled the apartment, but they were finally caught days later.

At Driver’s arraignment, Clayton County, Ga. Magistrate Court Judge Beatrice Scott had a few choice words for the mom. “You intentionally lied to law enforcement officers about where the $ex offender lived, knowing he was not to reside with your children,” he said.

When the news got out about Driver and Mays, neighbors were shocked that Driver would allow Mays to move back into her home. Here was a man convicted of molesting her two young daughters in the past being able to reside in the same house with them.
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This mother of two wasn’t thinking at all. Some of the neighbors said that these two individuals shouldn’t be parents at all nor should they be around children. Their actions were deplorable, degrading, and demeaning.

Driver’s boyfriend Mays faces aggravated child molestation, production of child p0rn0graphy and failure to register as a $ex offender charges. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that he will be far away from hurting any more children.

Source: News One

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