Melba Moore Slams New York Post For Erroneous Article

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Photo Credit: Willis Roberts

By Glenda Warren

New York Post columnist Stacy Brown posted an article on Sunday claiming that singer Melba Moore had rushed to the side of her ex-husband, Charles Huggins, to support him as he faces a criminal trial for his involvement in a $5 million Ponzi investment scheme which promised investors big pay outs on diamonds and gold mined in West Africa.

That sounds admirable for an ex-wife to forgive her former husband who according to Brown’s NY Post article had previously been tortured by Huggins for decades. Problem is, Melba Moore said during a chat with me that she never spoke with Stacy Brown or anyone else at the New York Post and that there was no truth to the article concerning statements she allegedly made.

Melba told Glenda Warren of Your Black World, “All of it is a lie. My Lawyers are handling it now.”

It’s sad that a writer would allegedly fabricate an article about a celebrity and even include quotes that he never got from Ms. Moore. But according to a blog post on YouTooBrutus, Mr. Brown may have lied before in his articles, specifically in his many writings about the late King of Pop Michael Jackson’s scandals. To read that full article, click here.

Ms. Moore said in an article posted on ContactMusic.com, ‘I have made no statements to the New York Post or any other periodical or media of any kind regarding the details of the court case of Charles Huggins or any of the details of his personal life. The New York Post’s supposed quotes of me are completely and totally erroneous and bogus.’

She goes on to say, ‘I have stayed away from it and made no public comments primarily for the safety and security of our daughter… I don’t know anything about it, I haven’t been involved in it… I have purposely not made myself aware of it… I don’t (even) talk about it with my daughter.’

Melba Moore met record manager and business promoter Charles Huggins in 1974, marrying him a year later. Together, they formed Hush Productions credited with signing R&B sensations, Freddie Jackson and Meli’sa Morgan. The couple made beautiful music together for a couple decades, with Melba releasing hits such as “Lean on Me” and “You Stepped into My Life”. Then in 1991, they divorced and went their separate ways.

From her Facebook page Melba addressed the situation with more than 5,000 of her fans stating, “I will get through this. I am a very Strong Woman.”

And for Stacy Brown, the author of the falsely quoted New York Post article, Ms. Moore had these choice words, “Sorry Stacy Brown, See you in Court.”

Judging from the comments of fans on her Facebook page, she has a lot of supporters behind her. Follow Melba Moore on Twitter at http://www.twitter.com/MelbaMoore1 or visit her official website at www.melbamoore.com.


 Glenda Warren is an experienced marketing and communications professional that provides social commentary, self-help, tips, and reports news of events that matter to African Americans.




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