Man Dies In A Fight Over A Hair Weave

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Dennzel Holder (Left) in court for shooting Shawn Williams

By April Taylor

In what can only be described as a senseless event, 27 year old Shawn Williams was killed by 21 year old Dennzel Holder during an altercation that reportedly started over hair weave.  The incident occurred in August 2011 on Nostrand Ave in Crown Heights which is located in Brooklyn.  The altercation is reported to have involved five women who are said to have began arguing over a comment regarding how Sheniqua Cunningham’s hair was done.

A group of three girls reportedly made a statement about the fact that their boyfriend would not allow them to come out of the house looking like that, referring to Cunningham’s hair.  Although nothing about the comment implied that it was definitely about her, Cunningham assumed the women’s comments were about her because she felt she did not look as glamorous as they did.  The conversation that ensued was reportedly about bad extensions which is artificial hair designed to make a woman’s hair look longer than it naturally is.

A fist fight ensued that included a bottle being thrown, and Williams, the victim reportedly tried to calm things down and break up the fight.  His efforts reportedly worked until one of the women, Shatasia Meggett decided to get her boyfriend Dennzel Holder involved.  According to prosecutors, Holder became so worked up that he fired at Williams in broad daylight around 3:40 in the afternoon, with children around, and after Williams had already turned to walk away and leave the scene.

Assistant District Attorney Edward Purce admitted in his opening statement that had someone not been murdered as a result of the argument, the subject of the argument would most likely be seen as comedic.  The case is currently being heard in the Brooklyn Supreme Court.  According to Leonard Saunders, the victims father, states that he is confident that prosecutors will be able to get a conviction in the case and provide justice for his senselessly murdered son.