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Lolo Jones In More Controversy During The Olympics

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bobsled-brake-woman-lolo-jonesBy Lechette Walker

The Olympic track athlete, Lolo Jones, controversy is submerging into the limelight, directing attention from her talent and competitive edge towards her external characteristics. Her looks have cultivated the attention of the media with Jones declaring that she has African, European, and Native American ancestry.  The responsiveness of the image driven media, focused on her beauty and not her successes.

The New York Times released a profile for Jones before the 2012 Olympic Game that headlined, “For Lolo Jones, Everything is Image.” The story continued to explain that her identity was, “based not on achievement but on her exotic beauty.”

All of the headlines and judgmental controversies rebounded into the forefront of her comeback, including her struggles and appearances.

The public did not receive the idea that a female Olympic athlete could reveal nude/semi-nude images to any publication.  The perception of the act, delivered to the Olympic fans across the world is not reflective on the original reason for the action, only the principle of moral dignity.

Her failures in track and her continued drive to succeed stimulated her performance motivation.

Jones did not conquer the medal at the London Olympics either, clouding her future outlook in track. Although her performance did not yield her a medal, she performed impactful, finishing in fourth place.  The chance for Jones to enter into the Olympics in a different sport, and with a limited roster set her up for a comeback.

This time Jones trained for the American bobsled team, where the objective of the sport is to push from the back of the sled on icy tracks to the finish line.  She trained for more than a year to become competitive at the Olympics’ challenging Competition.  There are a total of 6 women on the team, and she is one of the 5 African Americans to compete at the Sochi Olympics.

This comeback has fueled the anger of many critics of Jones, but the 32 year old athlete is determined to win a medal.



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