Lamar Odom Says Khloe K. Will ‘Always Be My Wife No Matter What’

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David Bloodsaw

It appears that Lamar Odom’s tall body is still full of love for Khloe Kardashian. The Mirror (mirror.co.uk) reports that Lamar wants to reunite with the famous reality star, because he is still in love with her. Lamar was recently served divorce papers amid rumors of cheating and using drugs while pulling off disappearing acts. The divorce papers were served in December 2013.

Odom is now in Spain trying to reignite his basketball career and during a press conference expressed his feelings for his soon to be ex. He went on to say that being with Khloe was the best years of his life.

“I love my wife. She’ll always be my wife no matter what,” he said. He also commented that if they were to divorce she will always be his wife.

Odom signed a contract with Laboral Kuxta, which is also known as Baskonia. They are a historic team, but currently struggling. His contract is for two months with an option to extend for one year. Odom said he came to the team for a new beginning and basketball.

It has been speculated that the reality show Keeping up with the Kardashians might have sidetracked Odom and been too much for him.

There was speculation that Odom was on a drug binge during his disappearance and then an odd video surfaced with him rapping bare-chested. In the bizarre video he raps terribly about cheating on Khloe. It was reported that Khloe dumped her wedding ring after that video went viral.

Odom was also arrested for a DUI last year and given three years probation.

Odom said you can’t judge him by what you see on TV. He noted that it’s a “strong instrument and never goes off.”  He also said that sometimes less is more. Odom further added that he might have lost focus and needed time to regain love for the game.


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