Joy-Ann Reid To Host A New Show On MSNBC

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By Greg B.

Joy-Ann Reid who is currently a MSNBC contributor and regular guest commentator is being rewarded with her own show, starting February 24th on MSNBC. Reid who previously was the managing editor of The Grio, was announced as the new 2pm anchor on Monday.

MSNBC president Phil Griffin made the announcement as well as some other slight programming changes to the channel’s lineup. Tameron Hall who has her show on MSNBC; News Nation will have an 11am time slot, and Andrea Mitchell will move up to 12 noon, and lastly Griffin announced the addition of Ronan Farrow’ s new show. This new line up will accommodate Reid at 2pm and still maintain its core set of journalists.

“Tamron has established herself as one of the best news anchors in the business. It strengthens us to have her hosting during our morning news block,” Griffin elaborated. “Andrea Mitchell is so critical to MSNBC and I’ve always thought her show should be at noon. Andrea brings on the biggest newsmakers of the day and the new time slot will help showcase her work.”

Reid who is a political analyst has been rumored for quite a while to be receiving a show. Perhaps this reloaded lineup is the result of CNN’s recent shakeup to its daytime schedule. The push for Reid was enormous as there was even a petition circulated to prompt MSNBC to give her a show.

Reid is a veteran journalist and has been a regular on Al Sharpton’s radio and TV show also on MSNBC.

Reid has worked in television and radio news since 1998, including for NBC News affiliate WTVJ and Fox station WSVN. She has written columns for the Miami Herald, South Florida Sun Sentinel, and the South Florida Times.

Source The Grio

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