“I Will Go at Him for Back Child Support, Cat Support” Says Wife of Man Who Went Missing

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In an odd turn of events, a California man who went missing in 1992 and was declared dead has kwame_sekureappeared, turning his family’s world upside down.

Winston Bright was a married man and father when he called his wife to tell her that he was on his way home from his Verizon job, then he just vanished. He was declared dead in 2000.

But now Bright, who has since changed his name, is back and wants his benefits.

“My name is no longer Winston Bright. It is Kwame Seku,” 65-year-old Seku told Manhattan Surrogate’s Court judge. “And I am the same person.”

In court papers, he claimed that he has taken a DNA test with his mother which proves that he is who he says he is and is entitled to benefits from Verizon since he worked there for 20 years.

Right now Verizon is paying death benefits to Seku’s wife, Leslie Bright, who intends to fight Seku over the money.

Bright had her husband declared dead in 2000 and says after he went missing, she and her kids struggled financially.

Seku claims he had amnesia and changed his name while living in California.

The wife he left behind in 1992 isn’t buying that story.

“He kissed me on the cheek, called me at lunchtime like he always did and again when he was on his way home,” Bright told the New York Daily News. “He never made it.”

Seku wasn’t homeless while he was in California though. To the contrary, he taught school and earned a master’s degree, all the while his wife and family were reeling from the loss of a husband and father.

“We had it rough. We had no money,” Bright said.

She describes how hard she intends to fight her former husband over the Verizon benefits.
“I will go at him for back child support, cat support, everything!” Bright said. “If he wants a fight, I’ll give him a fight!”