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How To Know Your Man Would Make A Horrible Husband

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downloadBy Dr. Sinclair Grey III

There is no perfect relationship because there are no perfect people. I think that needs to be reiterated again. If you’re not perfect, how can you expect someone to be perfect? In any relationship, it takes two people coming together with a common goal. However, when that goal isn’t communicated and worked on, a major problem will arise and chaos rather than love will take over.

There are many books that will tell you how to be a good wife and a good husband, but what’s often overlooked are the signs that people give off. In a real sense, if you’re getting red flags in the beginning of a relationship, don’t try to justify it – simply bounce.

Since this is an article for women, allow me to reference an article written by Demetria L. Lucas from Clutch Magazine.  She shares seven signs that will tell you that your man will not make a good husband. [Please note: there are more signs than these]

1.       Blames Women for Everything. 72 percent of children born to black women are born out of wedlock and many of the men are blaming the women for this. They fail to realize that it take two to make a baby.

2.       Is Emotionally Unavailable. Not asking a man to cry like a baby, but he should be able to express his feelings without drowning his guilt in drugs, alcohol, or complaining. When a man is emotionally unavailable, you’ll never know what’s in his head and heart.

3.       Doesn’t Know How To Lead. Just because he may claim to be good in bed and have a good paying job, it doesn’t mean he knows how to lead. Be careful you’re not hooked up with a follower.

4.       Refers to Women as Females. A man who can’t refer to you as a woman doesn’t see you as a human being. Whenever a person doesn’t see you as a human being, they will treat you with contempt.

5.       Is Obsessed With Looks. Looks are good, but there has to be more substance. Without substance, you’ll find yourself bored in the relationship and settle for settling.

 6.       Thinks Women Are Supposed To be Submissive. He can quote that Scripture, but if he doesn’t have a personal relationship with the LORD. If he refuses to read the Bible and live the Bible, he won’t be a good husband to you.

7.       Uses ‘B*tch’ Synonymously With Women. Anytime a man disrespects you or women in general, that’s a sign that he doesn’t value you. Don’t overlook it.

Once again, these aren’t all of the signs. Hopefully these signs will be an eye-opener for you.

To read the signs in detail, click here.

Dr. Sinclair Grey III is an inspirational speaker, motivator, author, organizer and liberator of persons from all intellectual, social and cultural walks of life. He is a committed advocate for change. Email: Follow on Twitter @drsinclairgrey