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How Did A Teen Get Killed After Egging A Car?

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Adrian BroadwayBy Lechette Walker

Adrian Broadway was killed after an Arkansas man allegedly fired shots into a car full of teenagers.  Broadway, a 15 year old teenage girl, was with a group of seven teenagers that were reportedly throwing eggs, mayonnaise, toilet paper, and leaves at Willie Nobles car reported by Fox 16.

Nobles, a 48 years old black male, fired rounds of bullets into the car of teenagers while shooting Broadway in the head. The teenagers drove to the nearest gas station where they called the police. She was pronounced dead at the Children’s Hospital stated the NY Daily News.

According to reports, Noble’s car was targeted because of a prior prank by his son last year.

“Apparently Mr. Noble’s teenage son had done a prank on some kids that were inside the vehicle on Halloween night,’ explained Lieutenant Sidney Allen of the Little Rock police department.

The explanation continued, “As a result they were doing a retaliation prank and it ultimately had deadly results.”

Broadway was a teen who enjoyed the Hunger Games book series, and she was a part of the schools cheer team referenced from her Facebook page. Now, her life has been instantly disrupted and she will not see a future; because of a prank and the irrational acts of Noble.

Noble who is facing charges including first degree murder, one count of terroristic act, and five counts of aggravated assault will stand trial for the death of a teenage girl within his own community.

Sunny Hostin, a CNN analyst said that Noel may have a viable defense.

“While Arkansas doesn’t have a traditional stand your ground law,” she said “I’ve learned that they have sort of an expanded castle doctrine law, which means—not only can you defend yourself and your property inside your home, you can also do it around the perimeter of your home.”

As the case unfolds and the trail starts it is curious to see how Noel will plead in this sad, preventable tragedy.