Former Member of EnVogue Admits She Stirred Up Trouble Among Group Members

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Dawn rBy Greg B.

Dawn Robinson who is a former member of EnVogue and former participant on the show R&B Divas, came clean about stirring up trouble, but is adamant that it was for a good cause.

As reported on, Robinson explained the issues she had with the pay structure of the record companies, the infighting with EnVogue and her fight for equality, in the music industry.

“Well, I’ve been considered a troubled artist, a troublemaker, a problem, a difficult artist over the years, and I have been. I agree! I’ve totally been very difficult because we only made two pennies per album. I think anybody would be postal if they were only making two pennies and everybody else was making millions every album for what their hard work manifested,” she explained to Ebony magazine.

“We’d work and everybody else was rich. So there was a problem and I wouldn’t sit down. I just couldn’t take it, watching everybody else making the lion’s share of the money and we did the lion’s share of the work. So I was the one.” said the reality star.

Dawn stated that the drama in the group was not her doing. She mentioned that the lawsuit the group incurred was brought by Cindy and Terry, who sued a group member, Maxine. She said it was sad that the whole incident happened, referring to the suit to resolve who can use the EnVogue name after the group dissolved.

The group’s last studio album was in 2004, and was later followed by a tour in 2005. EnVogue continued to make appearances and performances as a unit but the reunion was short-lived and ultimately the group separated and the law suit was filed. Robinson later starred on the show R&B divas, and left the series after one season.


  1. Amazing Grace

    February 5, 2014 at 10:01 pm

    Now that’s ratchet, only making 2 cents! Not fair is right 😉

  2. Greg Peniston

    February 7, 2014 at 2:20 am

    more important than the shoddy writing is that the headline does not match the content; the words says she protested the industry mistreatment, not troublemaking inside the group…poor ending thrown together…by the way, Dawn is “SMITH”! the writing is so bad, the reporter flubbed the last name!! she is ROBINSON!…smh…

  3. Al Hill II

    February 7, 2014 at 8:46 am

    How does she explain how everyone else in the industry has found working with her difficult, even Raphael Saadiq & her current cast mates

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