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Chirlane McCray Wants Every Child In NY To Have A Quality Pre-K Education

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chirlane mccrayBy Dr. Sinclair Grey III

Chirlane McCray, the first lady of New York City is very outspoken about the benefits of Pre-K for children.

McCray and her husband, Mayor Bill de Blasio spent some time reflecting about the advantages of having a quality Pre-K program for children in the five boroughs of New York. Through their reflection and discussion, they concluded that a child’s learning doesn’t begin when they go to school. Rather a child’s learning begins developing once they enter into the world.

McCray recalls when their first-born child was born that they looked at each other and said, ‘what do we do now?’ That question led to them to understanding the importance of Pre-K programs. The first lady of New York states, ‘children start learning from the moment they enter the world. Kindergarten is too late for the stimulation and structure they can get only in a classroom.

Yes, Pre-K is a great idea for children, but the next question that needs to be raised is what about after-care programs? The role of after-care programs is designed to help develop a child’s interest in sports, artistic skills, and/or various disciplines. In addition to this, after-care programs are great for tutoring and strengthening a child’s academic performance.

According to reports, over 50,000 kids in New York do not have access to Pre-K programs. Work and childcare are a struggle for working parents.  Mayor de Blasio wants every child to receive full-day Pre-K and quality after-care programs during their middle school years.

The city of New York will pay for these programs by asking the rich to help give back. The money raised will be used for the programs. “The plan is backed by a growing coalition of supporters, including clergy members, elected officials, business leaders, teachers and parents. And a recent New York Times/Siena poll of city residents found that 72% support the plan.”

Source:  NY Daily News

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