Burger King Customer Receipt Calls Her Out of Her Name

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By Barry Burch Jr.

The nice thing about fast food is well, the obvious, it’s a quick-meal.  The downside is that just like anywhere you go, there can be a grouch in the vicinity.  A woman in Richmond experienced this first hand at a Burger King, and said that she will never return.  When the woman received her receipt, she was shocked to see that on it were expletives to which she believed were aimed at her and her daughter-in-law.  More specifically, the women were labeled “B****A** H***,” as reported by CBS6.

The experience was a lot for Miss Lorel, who had to fight back tears as she told her story.
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 “This is more than an insult.  I mean calling you names on a piece of a paper; that will hurt somebody.  I liked going there.  But after this they won’t get my business anymore.”

According to the news site, Miss Lorel, who asked that her last name be kept private, said she saw the profane receipt shortly after picking up her order from the drive-through of the restaurant on Saturday night.  She quickly demanded to see the manager.

“He did apologize.  He also called the young lady over and asked her, ‘did you see this?’  She just shook her head.  He said it had never happened before,” recalled Miss. Lorel.

Franchise owner John Naparlo offered his sentiments.  “We are obviously upset by the harm this has caused one of our customers.”

A Burger King District manager claimed to be “dealing with” the situation.

In an email to CBS6, BURGER KING® Media Relations wrote:

“At Burger King Corp. (BKC) we have great respect for all of our guests and customer service is a top priority every day at BURGER KING® restaurants.  BKC has recently been made aware of a photo that shows an alleged receipt from a franchisee-owned and operated restaurant that does not comply with our customer service policy. We are working with the franchisee, who is investigating the matter, to determine the origins of this photo.”

Naparlo said surveillance cameras may help to find the person responsible for the obscene receipt.

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