Bobby Kristina and New Husband Answer Naysayers About Controversial Marriage

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By Barry Burch Jr.

Bobby Kristina, daughter of the late Whitney Houston, and new husband Nick Gordon, Houston’s alleged adopted son, have both decided to open up to the media for the first time about their recent marriage.

Though immediately after the original announcement of the two newly-weds’ nuptials, negative headlines seemed to flood media outlets, the couple believes they are now ready to take on all of the naysayers and address all of the rumors. In their only interview together following their marriage, the two can be seen holding hands as well as kissing and touching each other almost continuously.

“He is my back bone,” Kristina said as she gave new husband Gordon a kiss on the lips. “We always loved each other,” Gordon shot back.

The couple, who have experienced a great deal of criticism for their marriage because of their brother-and-sister like relationship, shared their story at their Georgia home. According to the interview with Extra, Whitney Houston took Gordon in as a troubled teenager, and that is when he and Kristina’s relationship started. Not too long after being taken in, Gordon began to call Houston, mom. “And this is where everybody gets the confusion from,” says Gordon. “That we’re brother and sister,” added Kristina.

The couple also said the late Grammy-winning-legend predicted that they would ultimately wind up together. “She kept on, ‘You guys are going to get married. Shut-up. I already know what’s going to happen.’ She wanted this. This is something she wanted to see,” explained Kristina.

And with regard to the rumors put out in the tabloids about her relationship with Gordon causing problems between her and her grandmother, Cissy Houston’s relationship, Kristina says do not believe them. She offered, “Nick said, ‘Grandma, I want to marry her. Is it OK?’ She (Cissy) smiled very wide and said, ‘Son, you have my blessing.”

However, Kristina does admit this was not always the case for her father, Bobby Brown. But things have changed for the better she said. She also claims that she and Gordon’s relationship will not end as her parents’ did. For one, Kristina says she does not believe in divorce. “If you’re married, you work it out,” she said.

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