Actress CCH Pounder Joins Cast Of NCIS New Orleans Spinoff

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By Barry Burch Jr.

The word busy does not even begin to explain the day for CBS’ New Orleans-set NCIS spinoff.

It all began with the successful selection of Scott Bakula and JAG‘s Zoe McLellan for starring roles in the backdoor pilot, as reported by The Hollywood Reporter.  Within hours, the spinoff enlisted CCH Pounder for another major role.

The pilot is scheduled to air in the spring, and will focus on the NCIS New Orleans office, which handles cases from Pensacola through Mississippi and Louisiana to the Texas panhandle, according to the site.   New Orleans is a place full of rich history, music and exciting moments, while at the same time remaining a place that is still capable of crossing the thin line between fun and trouble.

Pounder is expected to portray Dr. Wade, the Jefferson Parish Medical Examiner in the pilot.  Her role is described as a combination of extreme eccentricity and smartness.  According to The Hollywood Reporter, the character can also be described as “worldly, intuitive and incredibly connected to Louisiana.”

Working alongside McLellan and Bakula, who play special agents, Pounder should make for a great fit.  The two men in charge of the show, Gary Glasberg and Mark Harmon, are executive producing the spinoff that is to air as a two-part episode this upcoming spring.

Pounder, who brings to the show a list of credits including, FX’s Sons of Anarchy, Warehouse 13, Brothers and ER, is represented by Mitchell K. Stubbs & Associates.

Pounder is also one of the founders of Artists for a New South Africa.  She has reportedly worked tirelessly to draw attention to issues affecting the community including, post-apartheid and HIV/AIDS.  In an interview regarding the pandemic, the actress offered, “When it’s this massive disease, and it’s affecting things in five thousand different ways, it requires great strength and power—and there is power in numbers.  So we need to involve as many people as we can, like we do with ANSA.  I call it my little engine that could.  It is a remarkable, tiny organization with a huge outreach.  We use actors and artists with the biggest voices so they can use every opportunity to talk about AIDS.”

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