Yes, That’s a Chair She’s Sitting On, Not a Black Woman

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That woman sitting on this “chair” is the Editor-in-Chief of Garage magazine.   The person she is sitting on is not real, but looks that way.  But the image has been buzzing around the Internet this week, making some wonder exactly where the limits should exist on “appreciation” for fashion and trying to do something different.

The image also strikes some as disturbing, since it presents the white woman as being superior, like a queen. The black woman is there to do nothing other than hold her perky behind in place.  Of course, we assume that you’d never buy a chair like this.

Some say that the chair is harmless, and that it wouldn’t strike such a chord with people if it were an image of a white woman. But others are saying that it crosses the line between high fashion and decency.  What do you think?

According to FashionBomb Daily:  “Black woman as objects? Jezebels? These ideas aren’t new. But just as Dr. King fought firehoses and barking dogs four decades ago so that not only black women and black people in general could be seen as human beings, the fight continues in the worlds of art and fashion. Every other day we see black women demeaned, disrespected, and overly sexualized as the ‘other.’ Our image is sacrificed in the service of art.”