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Women Explain Why They Feel Nigerian Men are Superior to African American Men

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by David Miller

These three women got together to talk about how much they love dating African men, particularly those from Nigeria.   Some people wonder what it’s like to date an African man and whether or not hardened American attitudes about monogamy are consistent with what is considered normal in Africa.

The women start off by stating that Nigerian men are better because they really value education.   As graduate students, the ladies say that they expect their men to match what they have, and that’s not so easy with African American men.  Education is very important in Nigeria.

One of the women says that she wants a tall, muscular man with big shoulders.  She compares him to Dwight Howard, the “Christian” athlete with way too many baby’s mamas.

They also say that Nigerian men like to dress well, “like they are somebody.”  Is the video true or full of stereotypes?   Also, if they feel that Nigerian men are superior to African American men, does that mean that they are also saying that the same thing is true for women?

Watch it and tell us what you think.