Woman Opens Mother’s Casket And Finds The Wrong Body

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wrong body in casketA Warwick, New York woman, Lisa Kondvar, was very surprised to find out that when she looked in the casket of her mother, who had died on vacation in the Caribbean island of St. Maarten, it was not her mother’s body that she saw.

According to the distraught woman, Margaret Porkka’s body had been prepared at a funeral home on the island, but when she looked in the casket at a funeral home in New Jersey, it was the body of another woman.

Kondvar went on to say that she just couldn’t believe her eyes, but it was too late to do anything about it right then because the wake had been arranged. She added that the family just went ahead with their plans with the casket closed.

It’s not sure what exactly happened to the body of Margaret Porkka, but the family believes that a mix up at the hospital where their mother was taken or at the funeral home could have resulted in the body being replaced by a Canadian woman who also died on the island.

The family further believes that the deceased New York woman may have been cremated in Ottawa, Canada and if that is the case they would like to receive her relative’s ashes, according to Kondvar.

The mix-up of the two cadavers is a mystery to everyone, because the two women were of different builds and height and did not resemble one another in the slightest bit. A detective has been hired by the family to try to find out exactly what happened and the ultimate demise of Porkka’s remains.

A committee to investigate the suspicious circumstances of the confusion has been set up in the Caribbean island by the government, according to Prime Minister, Sarah Wescot-Williams. DNA analysis will be used to identify the two women’s bodies, she added.

The uncomfortable Prime Minister went on to say that the woman’s body that had been flown to Canada had been cremated already and both women had died of natural causes on November 29 last year.

According to Orlando Vanterpool, the funeral home director responsible for the two women’s bodies, he had taken both bodies to the airport on the same day. He added if the government investigation proves that his funeral home was responsible for the mix-up, he would refund the family’s $7,000 that they paid for his services.


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